The Department of Government Shipping Services continued to serve the Ministry and the Nation as a whole with total success for its maintenance and operational programmes within its limited resources for annual allocations.

Shipping Services to Ministries / Departments and even private organizations was provided without a hitch.

  • The Government Shipping Services functions as a department :

To serve Government’s Shipping Services needs :
Provide shipping & related services.
The development of shipping strategies & related infrastructure.

  • To operate & maintain mandatory Marine Navigational Aids:

Facilitate sea transportation thus provide Travel, Tourism, Agriculture, Fisheries Commercial Activity, etc.
Facilitate Sea Safety & fulfill National Obligations.

  • To facilitate professional and mandatory maritime training:

Provide vessels for enhanced maritime training thus improve employment opportunities, promoting social and economic growth.
Facilitate training for Fiji Maritime Officers & Administrators, etc.
Promote EEO in all aspects of our operations.